curated by

Maria Cristina Didero and Annnalisa Rosso

Perfettooo! is a digital curatorial platform.

Perfettooo! is freedom.
Absolute freedom.

Curators MC Didero and Annalisa Rosso invite a selection of globally acclaimed designers to conceive a dream project to be realized in a mutable ideal space, shaped around their needs and therefore perfectly tailored for their collections.

Perfettooo! is a flexible on both shape and size architectural venue, that will be reimagined for every single exhibition: an illusory and intangible location, without definite walls or borders, Perfettooo! becomes real as shaped by the invited designers and architects accordingly to their desires. It is for once the perfect exhibition in the perfect place!

Perfettooo! is much more than a site-specific architectural installation; it is a site-specific concept.

Perfettooo! is an exhibition space for the new reality, which lives in your mind and in your devices, enjoyable from everywhere anytime.

Perfettooo! is a project by MC Didero, Annalisa Rosso and Mr. Lawrence.

Exhibition #01

by Objects of Common Interest

Objects of Common Interest have created the first exhibition for Perfettooo!, an interactive experience which plays with the conscious and the unconscious, and reflects upon the subject of architecture and related emotions.

Driven by an investigative approach, Objects of Common Interest focuses on feelings as a powerful involuntary force of human behaviors.

COME BACK TOMORROW is a project that instinctively explores emotional imagery from the designers’ archetypal vocabulary, and produces a creative act tapping into emotional investigation and intuitive perception.

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